Who We Are


African Center for Advocacy and Human Development (ACAHD) in Nigeria is an independent, Non-Governmental Organization, established in January 2002 to reflect the general needs of African people. ACAHD is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.


To create and develop affiliation with institutions and individuals known to have educational programs in democratic principles and ethics.

To offer free and gratuitous advocacy services to the less privileged in all strata of the society particularly in the rural areas.

To encourage, solicit, and strongly support matters of local, state, and national significance that will further integrate the basic principles of free legal  services, social and human development and growth in Africa and the world.

To teach courses designed through the organization’s leadership training, emphasize the significance and the continued existence of social and human development in Africa.

To strengthen woman’s influence in social life, free private enterprise, and art by means of partnership, training activity, informational exchange with Non- Governmental Organizations in Nigeria and throughout the world.

To contribute to the campaign against child labor, child abuse and child trafficking so as to ensure a secured future for the on-coming generation.



The goal of the organization shall be to provide means by which governments, individuals and groups may join in unified effort to ensure the future growth and development of humanity.



ACAHD’S methods of achieving goals include active protection of human rights through litigation (ACAHD operates a legal services program that provides assistance to victims of human rights abuse), and promotional activities such as research studies, investigations, reports and publications.